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Cards For A Cause Fundraiser

We know that there are many organizations with funding needs each year. The success of fundraising depends on goals and we want to help you meet yours! Whether you need $50, $500, 
or $5,000, let us show you how you could achieve that with a Cards For A Cause fundraiser.  


When you choose to participate in a Cards For A Cause fundraiser, over 40% of all sales benefit
your organization. Our rate of return is well above the average profit margin in the industry.
Your organization will receive up to $13 per box (sold for $30 a box).


Another benefit of this fundraiser is that you can run it individually or as a group, any time of
the year. There is no maximum amount that you can earn!

This program offers you the opportunity to stand out in the fundraising crowd,
with different products that appeal to multiple audiences. 

Contact me to start your fundraiser today!

Cards & FAQs

These hand-crafted cards are beautifully embellished, with coordinating envelopes, and would easily
go for $3-4 in the store.

Each set comes in a sturdy keepsake box and includes cards for birthdays, holidays, thank yous and more!


Literacy For a Lifetime


PaperPie offers a grant matching program, Literacy for a Lifetime.  The program is designed to partner with businesses, foundations, educational institutions and individuals. Grant matching can be done in the form of a book drive or a direct donation. Book drives can be ran for any organization in need of children’s books!

Literacy for a Lifetime incorporates a 50% matching grant for donations. For example, if an organization has a grant or donation of $1,000 and the organization uses it to purchase products from PaperPie, then the organization will receive an additional $500 in new books!

Contact me to help your organization today!


PaperPie offers several programs for schools & libraries such as book fairs, reading incentive challenges, book drives and even direct ordering.

Whether it's virtual, in-person or a combination of both, book fairs are easy and fun with PaperPie. Our Educational Services Representatives are involved with your fair from start to finish. The school receives 50% back in free books of their choice or a cash option to fit their needs. Library bindings as well as cataloging and full processing are available. Books fairs can also be done online.

Schools & libraries can also order directly from
our catalog of nearly 2,000 titles with their choice of bindings and processing!

Contact me to discuss your school
or library needs today.

Schools & Libraries


Not sure which program is for you?

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