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Opportunity Awaits

We gather for good around literacy at PaperPie.  Whether you are looking for an exciting career with a potential six-figure income or to add just a few hundred dollars a month to your income with only a few hours of work each week … PaperPie has an exciting opportunity for you to make a difference in children’s lives.

Have you ever dreamed of …

  • More time with your family?

  • Greater financial security?

  • Sharing your passion for books and literacy?

  • Building an amazing home library?

  • Traveling the world?

  • Helping others reach their dreams?

Thousands have discovered life-changing opportunities with PaperPie. More than just a career, they find a close network of friends who encourage one another to reach for their dreams … and cheer them on when they achieve them!

Join today! There is a world of possibilities awaiting …

(Have questions? Check out the FAQs below.)


Wondering what becoming a Book Boss looks like? Maybe these will help:

Join FAQs

How much does it
cost to join PaperPie?

To become a Brand Partner, you simply select one of our account activation options here.


Your account activation includes a book credit, a personal website plus digital business tools for 6 months, and the ability to start earning up to 25% in commission immediately.


You also have the option to select an add-on bundle that includes an additional 10 books and 5 mini catalogs.

I am not a “sales person”. Can this still work for me?

Absolutely! Very few of us are “salespeople”! In fact, many people do not have any sales experience when they started with PaperPie. We have many homeschoolers, mothers of young children, full-time workers, doctoral students, college students and people who just love books. There are no set times. There is not set schedule. You can work as much or as little as you would like. Your compensation is, however, directly aligned with your efforts. PaperPie is about building relationships with your customers. You just share your favorite books and help others choose books for children. Your enthusiasm will shine through!

Will I have help?

You’re never alone as a PaperPie Brand Partner! We offer a wealth of training opportunities. Whatever your learning style and schedule makes, it is there for you! Your team leader can offer personalized training and is there to help along the way.


Your team leader is always there to support you throughout the process. Who knows? Maybe YOU will choose to become a team leader in the future! Many of us were surprised and delighted to find that was our path!

How does it work?
What and how
do I sell?

PaperPie is a direct sales company. You will sell Kane Miller and Usborne books, SmartLab Toys and Learning Wrap-ups as an Independent Consultant.

  • Parties:
    At home and online (Sqweee, Facebook, Instagram and more). There are special incentives to entice hosts, including free books. We will provide training and assistance to get you started.

  • Book Fairs:
    Work with public and private schools, day-cares, pre-schools, or other groups. The organization will receive 50% of the total sales in FREE books. .

  • Fundraisers:
    A special greeting card set with a profit margin of our 40% for your customers. You provide the product — your organization co-ordinates, advertises and collects the funds.

  • Literacy for a Lifetime:
    grant program for you to work with companies, foundations, and individuals to support literacy.

How much money can I earn as a PaperPie Brand Partner?

The chance to earn is limitless! You will earn an average fee of 25% based on your sales volume across our different marketing opportunities. You will do even more when you choose to become a team leader. We have one of the most generous incentive packages!

To give you an idea, the average party has $300-$400 in sales and you earn 25% back in commission.

Are there monthly sales quotas I must meet?

NO! How refreshing to work your business at your pace!


This business is flexible and family-friendly. PaperPie does offer additional bonuses and awards each month with certain sales increments, but you can work as much or as little as you'd like.


Free books for your family, luxury vacations, exciting awards through monthly Home Office Challenges, national recognition, the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by encouraging a love of reading, friendships, personal growth and development, plus so much MORE!


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