Meet the Book Lady

In case we’ve not met, I’m Megan. I am a farm wife in Kansas and have two kiddos who
LOVE books of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to Usborne Books & More (UBAM),
we have a major home library of amazing books!

I have always loved books and reading (I even decorate with books). 
The first UBAM books I purchased were gifts for nieces and nephews, and once they arrived,
I fell in love with them! Now that I have kids of my own, I’m happy to share (and hopefully pass on)
my love of books with him.

I joined Usborne Books & More in February 2019 because, 1) I love books and am always
looking for a discount, 2) we needed to build a home library for our son, 3) I needed an income
source to help supplement being a stay-at-home mom, and 4) I read this statistic: "85% of brain development happens in the first 5 years of life. Reading in these critical years significantly influences
a child's lifelong capacity to learn." That stat really hit home and
emphasized the reality of our responsibility, as parents, to guide our son toward a lifetime of learning. 

I simply LOVE working my UBAM business. The flexibility and privilege of being able to
work from home while still providing a sweet income for my family, covering the extra budget
expenses that pop up seemingly all the time, and being able to GIVE money to some causes that
I truly believe in are just a few of the reasons why I love UBAM.

Whether you’re shopping, looking for a fundraiser, want to host a book fair or even want to launch
your own book business, ask me how I can help! I would love to talk books with you!!


From learning to read to reading to learn,
Usborne Books & More has something for everyone!

Lifetime of Learning

It's no secret that children's literacy plays a significant factor in of our children's futures. Creating a lifelong love of reading is one of the best gifts that a parent can give their child. Books, and regular access to them, especially within a child's own home, have the power to significantly change the course of a child’s life.

Happiness & Books offers high quality, creative and fun books that promote educational excellence for children of all ages. Join my VIP group via Facebook and I will share some of my favorite books, tips, tricks and updates!

I am very excited to partner with the Usborne Books & More team for the nation's leading publisher of non-fiction children's books! I offer the full line of Usborne and Kane Miller books, which is close to 2,000 titles. I would be happy to answer any questions about our wonderful selection of books or recommend books for children of any age.

Join in the fun and let's beat this literacy crisis!


Why buy UBAM books?

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